• Civil-2The Civil Engineering Group of the Turner Group provides a wide range of professional engineering services for building owners, developers, and the government.

    • Environmental and Site Permitting
    • Site Feasibility Analysis
    • Utility Designs (water, sewer, drainage, etc.).
    • Master Planning
    • Roadway Designs
    • Planning Board Presentations
    • Construction Observations
    • Erosion / Sedimentation Control
    • Landscaping Designs
    • Pumping Stations
    • Pavement Designs
    • And More...
  • Structural-2The Structural Engineers at the Turner Group provide professional engineering services on a multitude of project types for building owners, contractors, architects, municipal, state, and federal agencies.  We have worked on projects with construction costs ranging from under $50K to over $40M including:

    • Buildings (commercial, industrial, institutional, educational and residential)
    • Transportation
    • Power
    • Water
    • Wastewater
    • Solid Waste
    • Construction

    The Structural Group teams with both in-house and outside firms and has extensive experience on design / build and construction management projects.  Our team members work closely with our clients and customers to insure that the final product meets all expectations.  Knowledge and experience with many different materials, construction methods, and budget issues enable us to make critical decisions throughout the process, allowing the project to be completed while achieving a balance of design integrity and economy.

  • Enviromental-2TTG Environmental Consultants, LLC (TEC) is a group of engineers and planners focused on providing our clients / customers with efficient, economical solutions to their projects.  Operating as a division of the Turner Group, TEC can move quickly on behalf of our customers but also rely on the depth of talent within our parent firm to bring multiple levels of expertise (civil, structural, mechanical, and architectural disciplines) to a given project. 

    Past project types include:

    • Wastewater Engineering & Design
    • Environmental Permitting
    • Water System Evaluations & Design
    • Sanitary Sewer System Evaluation & Design
    • Municipal Infrastructure
    • Septage and Sludge Treatment & Disposal Solutions
    • Erosion Control Plans
    • Phase II Stormwater Implementation
    • Project Funding Applications
    • Subdivision Design Review
    • Security Assessments
    • Plan Review Services
    • Hazard Identification & Mitigation
  • Design-Build-2The Turner Group provides Design / Build Services to contractors and construction managers in order to suit the desires of building owners and developers.  Professional designs are provided through our in-house disciplines and are typically delivered through our engineering group.

    Not all of our design departments need to participate in Design / Build projects (i.e., on many projects electrical and mechanical designs are provided by the GC / CM's subcontractors).  

    Past project types include:

    • Industrial
    • Commercial
    • Site Development
    • Cleanrooms
    • Bridges
    • Municipal / Governmental
    • Residential
    • Wastewater
  • Transportation-2The Transportation Group of the Turner Group is a collective body of engineers and technicians providing the following services:

    • Corridor Planning Studies
    • Highway / Roadway Design
    • Municipal Managed Project Administration
    • Traffic Studies / Reports
    • Intersection Designs
    • Traffic Signalization

    Members of the staff are also certified by the New Hampshire Department of Transportation for Local Project Administration.  

  • Hydro-Darms-2The Turner Group provides hydroelectric generating facilities analyses and designs.  Services in this area of water resources have covered a broad spectrum of assignments including, but not limited to: hydrologic, hydraulic, power generation, structural analyses, and dam design.  A partial list of these capabilities is below.

    Dam / Spillway Engineering

    • Hazard Classification
    • Stability Analyses
    • Emergency Action Plans (EAP)
    • FERC-Part 12 Inspections
    • Dam Condition Assessments
    • Rehabilitation Design
    • Crest Control
    • Fish Passages
    • Leakage Mitigation
    • Structural Restoration and Designs
    • Cofferdam Design
    • Removal Studies & Design
    • Hydropower & Powerhouse Engineering
    • FERC Licensing
    • License Compliance
    • Feasibility Studies
    • Environmental Studies & Permitting
    • Facility & Equipment Evaluations & Designs
    • Operations Analysis & Modeling
    • Asset Management
    • Potential Failure Mode Analyses (PFMA)
    • Penstock Designs
    • And more.
  • Abatement-2

    The Turner Group provides abatement and demolition services for distressed buildings and/or utilities in need of major rehabilitation, reconstruction, or complete removal.

    Services Include:

    • Characterization of hazardous buildings materials (HBM) through the utilization of licensed Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) consultants.
    • Assessment of environmental conditions and building science evaluations.
    • Development of construction documents for abatement and remediation of hazardous materials.
    • Construction area containment designs, monitoring, and supervision.
    • Emergency response planning for buildings in distress.
    • Evaluation and structural stabilization of buildings (including historic structures).
    • Structural design of temporary or permanent shoring systems.
    • Design for aesthetic and structural restoration.
    • Structural design of water or soil retaining cofferdams.
    • Preparation for redevelopment of demolished sites.
  • Hazard-Mitigation-2A new consideration into the planning and design of communities, facilities, and infrastructure is protection against natural and man-made disasters.  The Turner Group, with its multi-disciplined staff of architects, engineers, and building scientists, is well-positioned to meet this challenge.  The Turner Group staff has assisted communities with the development of all-hazard mitigation plans, performed risk and vulnerability assessments, and performed facility assessments and designs for hazard mitigation hardening.

    All-Hazards Investigation Services

    • Riverine, Coastal & Dam Engineering
    • Flood Mitigation Planning & Implementation
    • Critical Facilities Assessments
    • Infrastructure Evaluations
    • Structural & Non-Structural Design Solutions
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  • Hydrology-HydraulicsThe Turner Group provides surface water hydrology and hydraulic engineering analyses and designs.  Services in this area of water resources have included a broad spectrum of assignments from stormwater management / drainage to flood plain analyses and dam design.  The following is a list of specific capabilities.


    • Flood & Low Flow Analyses
    • Probable Maximum Flood (PMF) Studies
    • Spillway Design Flood (SDF) Analyses
    • Inflow Design Flood (IDF) Analyses
    • Rainfall-Runoff Modeling
    • Streamflow Gauging
    • Water Use and Quality Studies
    • Flow Data Management
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  • Plumbing-2Operating as a division of the Turner Group, Turner Building Science & Design, LLC (TBS) provides expertise in the fields of engineering, architecture, and forensic consulting.

    One of the many services TBS provides is fire protection.  Performed in accordance with all NFPA codes, services include:

    • Evaluation of Existing Systems
    • Preparation of Performance Specification Documents
    • Detailed Riser Diagrams

    TBS has extensive experience in facility chemical handling for fire and explosion prevention, which extends to full plant safety and compliance reviews, as well as new design work.

  • Plumbing-3Turner Building Science & Design, LLC provides design services for plumbing in commercial buildings as well as large residential homes.

    Designs include:

    • Fixture Schedules
    • Under Slab Plans
    • Floor Plans
    • Riser Diagrams
    • Entrance Details
  • Mechanical-2Turner Building Science & Design, LLC provides full service engineering for all aspects of mechanical systems operating in the industrial environment.  With years of experinece, new system design or forensic engineering of failed systems are undertaken to provide insight and efficiency for each project.  Every system is designed to provide a clean, safe, and healthy environment. 

    Along with a variety of HVAC Design, Fire Protection, Plumbing Design, and Building Envelope services, we offer:

    Commissioning Services

    • Building Performance Testing (i.e., air leakage, energy analysis, water intrusion, soil vapor, etc.)
    • HVAC
    • LEED Whole Building
    • Building Envelope
    • Retro-Commissioning
    • Re-Commissioning
    • Post Occupancy

    Energy Services

    • Commercial and Industrial Energy Audits and Assessments
    • New Construction (or renovation) Energy Efficacy Consulting
    • Commissioning (or retro-commissioning)
    • IAQ Investigations
    • Cogeneration Feasibility
    • HVAC Equipment and Controls
    • Moisture and Mold Evaluations
    • Energy Recovery from Exhaust
    • Industrial Energy Conservation
    • Alternative or Renewable Energy Credits
    • Evaluations, Studies, and Recommendations:
      • Lighting and Controls
      • Motors and Pumps
      • Gas-Fired Technologies and Process Equipment Improvements
      • Fans and Drives
      • Insulation and Shell Measures

    Industrial Engineering

    • Industrial HVAC Design
    • Piping
    • Machine Design
    • Power Boilers
    • Fire Protection


    • Water
    • Photovoltaic

    Containment Design

    • Emission Control During Renovations in Occupied Buildings