Town of Waterville Valley

WV_Water_TankBuried Water Storage Tank
Waterville Valley, NH

500,000 gallon, 193' long, 35' wide, and 14' high buried, cast-in-place, potable water storage tank for the town's growing demand for municipal water.

Limited sites were available to situate the new tank, which was ultimately placed on the old Snow's Mountain ski slope adjacent to the existing 30-year old potable water storage tank.  Precise placement of the tank was critical as the new tank abuts the White Mountain National Forest property to the east and is otherwise situated on land owned by the Booth Creek Ski Resort. 

Structural design included over burden earth, snow, and superimposed loading from ski trail grooming equipment.

Construction challenges included the blasting and removal of 2,100 cubic yards of ledge adjacent to the existing tank and site erosion control measures on a 20% slope during New Hampshire's wettest year on record.