Holderness School


New Construction
Holderness, New Hampshire

In the fall of 2014, The Turner Group (TTG) was selected to design a new, 30,000-square-foot outdoor rink structure for the Holderness School, with the goal of completing construction for the hockey season of 2015.  TTG worked quickly to complete architectural and engineering documentation to enable construction to begin. This was an emergency project to replace the existing rink rendered uninhabitable due to inadequate snow load capacity.  TTG took the opportunity to meet with instructors and staff  to develop a master plan for the school’s sports complex to ensure the development of the rink would address the school’s needs for the future. 

The site design provided needed solutions for arrival to the building by student pedestrians, cars, and visiting team busses, while solving water run off issues.  A new outdoor gathering space and indoor viewing grandstands were created for visitors.  The structure was designed to increase the snow load capacity of the roof by 50%, while also supporting a new solar array that provides power for the rink ice refrigeration system throughout the hockey season.  The mechanical design addressed the issue of heating comfort for spectators during the games.  A new energy saving ice refrigeration was provided on the south side of the building, opening up the east side of the building for better vehicular arrival.  The exterior timber frame canopy design, incorporated with the pre-engineered rink structure, links the building to the adjacent surroundings while shielding the ice surface from the low winter sun.  New energy efficient lighting was provided for the rink and to accent the timber frame.  The project provides a new front door for the Holderness Sports Facility.