Merrimack Lodge Design & Construction at White Park

The new Merrimack Lodge Project at White Park in Concord, NH consisted of assessing needs, financing, permitting, designing, and constructing a new skate house. Closed over a decade ago due to disrepair, the original 1,600 square feet skate house was built in the 1950’s on the banks of White Park Pond. The two level, wood framed building had numerous issues including; inadequate electrical and mechanical systems, annual flooding of the lower level, inadequate restroom facilities, hazardous building materials, and potential mold growth.

The H.L. Turner Group was brought on pro bono as the project architects and engineers. The design included re-building the existing facility to be revived as a skate house. The proposed plan included new restrooms, a skate rental area, snack bar, and warming/viewing area with a fireplace.

The City of Concord approved final design and construction of the new White Park Skate House in July, 2018.  The City of Concord partnered with Milestone Engineering & Construction of Concord, New Hampshire as the contractors to build the new skate house, which was completed in June 2019.

The final project received a Citation Award in the 2020 AIA New Hampshire Excellence in Design Awards.