New Hampshire Ball Bearings


Forensic Evaluation
Peterborough, New Hampshire

After an explosion destroyed a portion of New Hampshire Ball Bearing’s facility in Peterborough, NH, the Turner Group was selected to assist with an evaluation of the building’s structural system.  

Having the manufacturing plant back up and running at 100% capacity was the project priority resulting in an aggressive timeline that required the team to be on-site for consecutive days.  After the initial assessment, the team outlined recommendations for repair which included replacement of the lower level of over 185 feet of exterior bearing wall. This required a unique shoring system to support the entire second floor and exterior wall of the building while work proceeded on the lower level. The Turner Group produced construction documents and attended regular construction meetings during the course of this project.

In a follow-up project,  a water intrusion issue was investigated to determine the source of the leak.  Following the building enclosure evaluation recommendations we made for corrective action and further testing was conducted to ensure the issue was resolved.