Winooski One Hydroelectric

Winooski OneHydroelectric Station and Waterfront Park

Winooski One Hydroelectric

Burlington/Winooski, VT

Under the jurisdiction of the FERC this multi-faceted, multi-million dollar development project involved the design, permitting, and construction of a new reinforced concrete powerhouse, dam sections, two 8-foot high inflatable rubber spillways, a mechanical fish elevator system, waterfront parkway, heated trashrack deck, and a pneumatic air blaster for the removal of trashrack debris. The powerhouse is capable of withstanding 5 ft. of water over the top of the roof and accommodations for environmentally sensitive plant species.

The 7.4-megawatt hydroelectric facility with 3 bevel gear turbines is located on the Winooski River immediately upstream of Lake Champlain bordering Burlington and Winooski, Vermont.

Project amenities include a fish elevator system complete with a fish trapping, sorting and trucking station. A waterfront parkway designed for handicap accessibility includes brick walkways, cast-iron tree wells, decorative guardrails, site lighting, retaining walls, and project plantings. Also included are an access tunnel, a 20-ton overhead crane, a heated trash raking deck, hydraulic trash rack vibrators and an intake air blaster system and heavy concrete restoration.