Hopkinton School District Renovations and Additions

Addition and Renovations
Hopkinton, New Hampshire

In 2021, The H.L. Turner Group Inc. (TTG) completed the renovation of three schools comprising the Hopkinton School District. The Hopkinton School Board had a budget of $9.7 million, the Maple Street School and Hopkinton Middle/High School underwent needed renovations, while the Harold Martin Elementary School received renovations and a new addition.

Half of the project budget was dedicated for the renovation and addition to the Harold Martin School. The addition was a multilevel structure comprised of a new secure main entrance, front office, special education spaces, classrooms, a health suite, and connection to the lower-level gymnasium. As part of the budget management, alternate structural designs were developed for the school addition to include a second-floor team space and a fire pump-based sprinkler system for the building and addition.

The school design utilized a displacement air ventilation system with dehumidification throughout, providing enhanced ventilation, occupant comfort and wellness.

Our goal was to manage and maximize the budget to achieve as many of the design goals as possible for the three schools and the town of Hopkinton. The project was successful and able to achieve the original design goals,
added alternates, with over $400K being returned to the District at the end of the project.