Hazards Mitigation

Hazard-Mitigation-2A new consideration into the planning and design of communities, facilities, and infrastructure is protection against natural and man-made disasters.  The Turner Group, with its multi-disciplined staff of architects, engineers, and building scientists, is well-positioned to meet this challenge.  The Turner Group staff has assisted communities with the development of all-hazard mitigation plans, performed risk and vulnerability assessments, and performed facility assessments and designs for hazard mitigation hardening.

All-Hazards Investigation Services

  • Riverine, Coastal & Dam Engineering
  • Flood Mitigation Planning & Implementation
  • Critical Facilities Assessments
  • Infrastructure Evaluations
  • Structural & Non-Structural Design Solutions

Hazard Identification

  • Natural & Man-Made Hazards Evaluations
  • Civil, Sabotage and Terrorist Threat Assessments*
  • Security and IT Assessments*
  • Operations Continuity Planning*

*Performed in conjunction with consultant specialists

Risk & Vulnerability

  • Multiple Disaster Risk Determinations
  • HAZUS Analyses
  • Damage / Loss Estimating
  • Dam and Water / Wastewater Vulnerability Assessments and Emergency Response Plans

Mitigation Planning & Implementation

  • Residential / Commercial Flood Proofing
  • Facility Operations Continuity Planning
  • Physical Facility and Infrastructure Protection & Design
  • Seismic and Wind Stability Recommendations
  • Emergency Response and Management Plans
  • Enhanced Community Regulations Development & Review
  • Grants Review and Applications
  • And more.