From our inception, we have made a commitment to sustainable and responsible building design. The Turner Group is proud to have seven LEED® accredited professionals on our team. Through the LEED® accreditation process, our employees have demonstrated their broad understanding of energy-efficient, environmentally-conscious, sustainable building practices.

We have completed several LEED® certified projects and many more that opted not to pursue the formal certification. In fact, our sustainable design dates back to 1994 when we designed the Boscawen Elementary School. This project was before the LEED® or CHiPS criteria were developed. This School received an award from the EPA acknowledging the exceptional design by providing a healthy school environment. Nineteen years later people still visit the school to see this model healthy school building.Today, The Turner Group continues to adapt with technology. Our Architects, Engineers, and Building Scientists strive to incorporate the best, most affordable alternative energy options for each respective client. Three recently completed projects have been awarded LEED® Gold certifications. We also have finished the design and construction of two Net-Zero Energy projects, one of which is an F.W. Webb facility in Springfield, Massachusetts. In addition to the Net-Zero project in Springfield, we recently designed a near-Net-Zero Webb building in Boston, MA, which also received an EnergyStar rating.

 “Our goal was to shoot for LEED Gold...mission accomplished!!!!  What a fantastic accomplishment the team has achieved.  Everyone should feel very good about this."

~ Paul Lukitsch CEM
World Wide Energy Manager, Regional Facilities Manager
Millipore Corporation