PDA-1Pease International Tradeport
Newington, New Hampshire 

Constructed in 1977 - 1978, this 11 story structure needed significant life safety, mechanical (HVAC), and electrical system upgrades, as well as structural engineering designs.  The original structure was constructed without the 4th and 5th floors, both of which were added as part of the renovations. 

A summary of the renovations/upgrades includes:

  • New addressable fire alarm system.
  • Complete replacement of HVAC system and controls.
  • New Weather Station Room.
  • New Flight Simulator Room.
  • New handicap-accessible kitchen and bathroom.
  • New office floor.
  • Control cab rehab including electrical, room finishes, and back-up HVAC.
  • Exterior weatherproofing.
  • 2 hr rated 11 story electrcial / telecommunication / communication shaft.
  • And more.

All work was performed while the tower remained in full operation.

PDA-2  PDA-3