• If there's one thing your team should do to ensure long-term success for your next project, it's to start with a Feasibility Assessment. The Turner Group's holistic approach to assessing existing facilities empowers project owners to gain a better understanding of what is needed for their space, and what action items should be prioritized. This, in turn, enables you to construct the most accurate budget and timeline for your project long before breaking ground.

    What is a Feasibility Assessment?

    Feasibility Assessments are comprised of two main parts: the facilities assessment and feasibility of occupants program.

    During the facilities assessment, the Turner Group has a team of architects, engineers, and building scientists on-site to visually inspect the condition of the facility and all building code issues. Each of the design professionals will focus on their area of specialty. All team members will be on-site at the same time to work together and collaborate on items that may require multiple disciplines. At the end of this study, a report will be prepared with all items found, recommendations to fix these items, life span until upgrade is needed, and approximate cost to fix or replace items.

    The second part is to meet with the occupants to better understand how their spaces currently work and how they could be adjusted to meet their future needs. This could involve adding space, moving space, or making current spaces more efficient. Based on these meetings, we will prepare a spreadsheet to show square footage of both current space needs and the space needs of any other desired options.

  • The Turner Group has worked with numerous clients to develop concept plans and opinions of costs for design options.  Many of these options are based on building new facilities or conducting renovations and building additions.

    We can provide design solutions and opinions of cost for each of these solutions that meet the needs of the client.  The opinions of costs are based on initial cost of construction, overall building envelope, and performance of the building over time.

  • Master planning is a great way to develop a long-term plan for a building or site.  Having a well-organized master plan can help budget and plan for future growth or increased efficiency of current spaces.  The Turner Group has worked on large master plans for many types of sites, including educational campuses, town centers, and corporate sites.  We have also worked with building owners to help lay out future additions and renovations.  Extra care is always given when developing an order of phases that will minimize the disturbance to current occupants of the building.

  • The Turner Group has several design professionals on staff that specialize in various project types.  During the building design process, the Turner Group feels it is very important to maintain an open dialog with the owner and building occupants.

    Design is broken down into three phases: Schematic Design, Design Development, and Construction Documents.  Between each of these phases, our project manager will meet with the owners to review the progress drawings, as well as verify that the project scope and budget are both on track with the design.

  • The Turner Group provides thorough administration services during construction.  Our firm works with contractors to make sure that items are being installed as the drawings and specifications require, and we will verify that the quality of installation and the craftsmanship of the work will meet the owner's requests.

    The Turner Group also verifies project submittals, provides field inspections, answers contractors' questions, reviews change orders, and confirms applications for payment.

  • The Turner Group has a strong belief in high-performance design, and a passion for sustainability. This can range from simple items to more elaborate ones.  A simple item such as walk-off mats that will remove debris from occupant's shoes will save on cleaning costs and improve the overall air quality of the building.  A more elaborate system is a geothermal heating system with a solar component to preheat water and collect photovoltaic power.

    The Turner Group has been providing high-performance buildings for nearly two decades, before a point-based rating system existed.  Our firm is able to work with you to find the right sustainable system to fit your project needs, with several LEED-certified professionals on our staff.

  • The Turner Group has licensed design professionals who work with all of the current local, state, and federal codes.  These range from building codes, life safety requirements, energy codes, and accessibility guidelines.

    The Turner Group will provide a plan in the form of a written descriptions of all items reviewed, then confirm if the required codes are met for the current city / town.  We can also provide practical solutions to ensure all components of the project meet current codes.