slide0010_image083The H.L. Turner Group Inc. has worked with over 100 schools in the Northeast to provide them with healthy school environments known as the Advantage ClassroomTM.  The Turner Group's first Advantage ClassroomTM was part of the Boscawen Elementary School in 1996 using a 100% fresh air displacement vent system, balanced lighting quality, and superior acoustical performance.  Since Boscawen Elementary School, the Turner Group has refined and further developed the Advantage ClassroomTM principles.  Many of these principles are similar to the items required in the CHPS and LEED programs.  The Turner Group has worked with several states on pilot programs utilizing our system.

“The Advantage Classroom Concept that has been created at the Boscawen Elementary School is the best I've seen in my 40 years in public education, and I commend it to school leaders throughout the nation."

~ Dr. Richard Goodman,Executive Director
New HampshireSchool Administrators Association Champions for Children