Cutting the Ribbon at Palmer & Sicard, Inc. Facility

interior view of new Palmer & Sicard facility in Exeter, NH

On Wednesday, July 21, we joined Palmer & Sicard, Inc. as they celebrated the opening of their new facility in Exeter, NH. We have worked alongside Palmer & Sicard on numerous projects, including the recently completed $24.6 million Hampton Academy renovation and addition, and when it was time for the company to explore options for a new home office building, they approached the Turner Group to partner on the project. At the time, their original space didn't meet their needs or support future growth, so we worked with the to design a facility that would empower their entire team.

The new building is 26,000 square feet, including 19,000 square feet of mechanical shop space and 7,000 square feet of offices and meeting rooms. The configuration of spaces positively transformed employee workflow, and now enables the company to host trainings and events with area groups such as I Build New Hampshire

The vast majority of those who contributed to this project were members of the Association of Builders and Contractors (ABC-VT/NH). We are proud to have contributed architectural design and structural engineering services to Palmer & Sicard, and look forward to seeing their continued growth in their new home. 

The Turner Group Welcomes New Professionals

The H. L. Turner Group (Turner Group) is pleased to welcome three new professionals to its team of architects and engineers, and to announce the promotion of one architectural team member to a full-time position.

Wafaa Aly comes to the Turner Group with more than 20 years of experience in architecture. She holds a Bachelor of Architecture and Master’s of Architecture from Cairo University in Cairo, Egypt, and specializes in complex projects and three-dimensional design. She joins the Turner Group as a Senior Project Architect, and she will assist the team by coordinating with clients and ensuring that their project needs are met.

Michael Anderson, EIT, joins the Turner Group’s structural engineering team as a Project Engineer with experience in project management, as well as specialized knowledge of the design and engineering of complex  aluminum structures and connections. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from the University of New Hampshire, in Durham, NH, has passed the SE1 exam, and is preparing for the SE2 exam in the coming months.

David Vaccaro begins his career with Turner Building Science & Design, LLC as a Project Designer. He completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering at Grove City College in Grove City, PA, in May 2021. During his academic career, he served on the leadership committees of the Crimson & White Alumni Association, the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration & Air conditioning Engineers, and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. 

Siyue "Alice" Zhou has completed her Bachelor of Architecture degree at Boston Architectural College in Boston, MA, and has been promoted to a full-time position with the Turner Group and received the new job title of Architectural Intern. She is currently working toward her architectural license. Zhou joined the Turner Group as a part-time employee  in October 2016 while she studied at New Hampshire Technical Institute. During her time with the firm, Zhou has contributed to projects including the renovation of and addition to Hampton Academy in Hampton, NH; the renovation of and addition to Auburn Village School in Auburn, NH; and numerous projects with the New Hampshire Army National Guard.

The Turner Group has celebrated multidimensional growth in recent months, and looks forward to serving current and future clients with its expanded team.

David Vaccaro headshot  Michael Anderson headshot  Wafaa Aly headshot  

Pictured from left to right: David Vaccaro, Michael Anderson, EIT, Wafaa Aly, and Siyue "Alice" Zhou.


Ben Sporcic and Katelin Howe Win Turner Group Scholarships

The H. L. Turner Group (Turner Group) is pleased to announce the winners of its first-ever academic scholarships in architecture and engineering. Katelin Howe, a senior graduating from Bow High School, received $1,000 toward her degree in architecture, and Benjamin Sporcic, a senior graduating from Pembroke Academy, received $1,000 toward his degree in engineering. In addition to the monetary awards, Howe and Sporcic will both be invited to complete internships at The H. L. Turner Group during their college studies. 

Howe became interested in architecture when she realized the field would empower her to use her skills in math, critical thinking, and design. 

“I am most interested in creating plans for schools and residential buildings,” she says. “My hope is that as a licensed architect I will be able to work on different projects that will help my community, whether it is redesigning an old house or designing a new school.”

Sporcic first became interested in engineering when he discovered his love for math and physics. 

“I am extremely excited to major in engineering,” says Sporcic. “My career goals are to design and build something revolutionary that can change the world. I aspire to make a difference.”

The Turner Group looks forward to following the growth of its first scholarship recipients, and to providing continued mentorship to Howe and Sporcic in the years to come.

An Update Regarding COVID-19

Dear Clients, Business Partners, and Colleagues,

The Turner Group continues to take every precaution to maintain the safety of our staff and communities at this time during the coronavirus pandemic. After careful consideration of our internal team's vaccination status and that of the community, we are reopening our doors to the public. We realize that the pandemic is an ongoing concern, therefore even as our doors have reopened, our team continues to mitigate risk through sound protocols and prevention efforts which align with CDC guidance. We will continue to take advantage of the latest technology to allow our staff to work seamlessly both virtually and in-person. We appreciate your collective flexibility and ongoing communication throughout this reopening process. If you have questions, we invite you to contact us at any time at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Thank you for your understanding, and we hope to see you soon.

Tom Betteridge Featured in Business New Hampshire Magazine

Tom Betteridge, P.E. portrait

Tom Betteridge, P.E., Vice President and Mechanical Engineer with Turner Building Science & Design, LLC, was recently featured in an article in Business NH Magazine titled, "Engineering the Air We Breathe" by Judi Currie. 

Here's an excerpt:

From the time a heating and air conditioning (HVAC) system is installed to the end of its useful lifespan, some building owners may never give that system a second thought other than to change the filters, unless it breaks down... or there's a pandemic.

...It's not uncommon to find the ventilation units within heating and cooling systems bringing in little to no outside air, says Tom Betteridge, P.E., principal and Vice President of  Turner Building Science & Design in Concord. It's an easy fix in some cases by just opening a damper or changing a setting in the control system. He adds that often the building owner or occupant is surprised to learn they were not ventilating their building.

"We had one client who mentioned that they used to feel lethargic in the afternoon, and they thought it was just people getting tired" says Betteridge. After they provided proper ventilation, CO2 was no longer building up in the space, and people felt better.

The possibility of a buildup of virus particles raises the stakes. "Looking at how the current pandemic is spread, increasing the ventilation air--the clean air that's brought in and then exhausted out of the space--seems to be one of the most effective ways to reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19. That's been our main focus," says Betteridge. "Our secondary focus has been on increasing the filtration levels so that you can filter out the virus particles from the air that remains in the space."

The full article is available in the April 2021 issue of Business NH Magazine.

Turner Group Partners with Allenstown on Elementary-Middle School

The H. L. Turner Group is excited to partner with the Town of Allenstown, NH on its new elementary-middle school project, which was just approved by town vote last month. The project will benefit the community for many years to come, and we're looking forward to helping design and bring to life an educational facility that is functional, inspiring, and enduring.

On March 10, 2021, the Concord Monitor officially announced the approval of the project:

"At stake on Election Day was a bold plan to close the two antiquated [Allenstown] schools in town - Armand Dupont and Allenstown Elementary - and consolidate them into a yet-to-be-built school, serving kindergarten through 8th grade.

"Just past 7 p.m., soon after the polls had closed, those gathered received word that, by an overwhelming vote of 480 to 261, Allenstown's educational landscape would soon undergo a giant facelift. 

"...Article 1 on the school ballot for this SB2 town sought $32.5 million to buy 59 acres on River Road and build a brand new school there, a process that will take about 18 months."


Steve Caulfield, PE, CIH, Speaks on IAQRadio

Steve Caulfield, PE, CIH, President at Turner Building Science & Design, LLC, was a featured guest on iaqradio+ on its March 19, 2021 episode, which was the second part of a series on the AIHA's second edition of "Recognition, Evaluation, and Control of Indoor Mold," also known as The Green Book. Steve discussed several case studies to illustrate the book's key points and offered unique insights as one of the editors of The Green Book.

Mr. Caulfield has more than 30 years of experience in mechanical engineering, industrial hygiene and indoor air quality studies. He is skilled in the design and evaluation of heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems and their relationship to complex indoor air quality problems. He is an innovator in the field and well-known throughout the northeast for his design and commissioning services for healthcare, educational, and commercial facilities. 

Find the recorded session here.

Announcing The Turner Group Scholarship

The H. L. Turner Group, Inc. (Turner Group), an architecture, engineering, and building science firm based in Concord, NH, is pleased to announce the establishment of The Turner Group Scholarship, which will support and empower New Hampshire’s high school seniors to pursue secondary degrees in architecture and engineering. The firm will award one $1,000 scholarship to a senior enrolled in an architecture program and one $1,000 scholarship to a senior enrolled in an engineering program beginning in the Fall 2021 semester. The deadline to apply is April 30, 2021.


The Turner Group strives to foster excellence among tomorrow’s architects and engineers, and hopes that this scholarship will further enhance our efforts to assist New Hampshire’s most promising youth pursuing careers in those fields. Several members of our firm have graduated from, taught and/or presented guest lectures at educational institutions such as New Hampshire Technical Institute, the University of New Hampshire and other institutions of higher learning, and the team is excited to be able to give back to the next generation through the establishment of this scholarship.

Recipients will be announced in late April of each academic year. The application may be found here.

Successful Solutions Featured in Hydro Leader Magazine

The H.L. Turner Group's Paul Becht, PE, recently gave an interview to Hydro Leader Magazine about how he innovated a solution for a renewable energy challenge at Noone Mills Hydroelectric Facility in Peterborough, NH.

The Noone Falls Mill hydroelectric project was owned by Marty Greco, who completed several upgrades, but needed additional expertise to help him tackle the penstock. The penstock dated back more than a century, and it ran under a road and along the foundation of several buildings with decks, making it difficult to reach. Becht was able to develop an effective structural engineering approach that was both time- and budget-conscious. In addition, the project had support from the local municipality and from FERC.

"FERC was very receptive to this project," explains Becht. "The engineers at FERC had limited experience with HOBAS pipe, but based on the information that [we] and HOBAS supplied, FERC completed its review and authorized construction in an extremely tight time frame to allow [the crew] to get started. Normally, it would take about three months for review and approval. I think we got approval in about three weeks."

To read the entire interview, click:

Turner's Caulfield Talks COVID and Clean Air with the Granite Geek

H.L. Turner Group affiliate Turner Building Science & Design's (TBS) Steve Caulfield, PE, spoke with the Concord Monitor's Granite Geek David Brooks, to explore approaches to protect against COVID.

With a growing need to improve indoor air quality for businesses across the nation due to the COVID-19 virus, Caulfield, a Certified Industrial Hygienist with over 30 years of experience, and the other mechanical engineers at TBS have been busy performing building evaluations and developing solutions to provide safer and cleaner indoor spaces.

“We’re seeing a lot of people trying to increase the amount of air replacement, the air change rate. The problem we run up against is the engineering problem that on a hot day your system is only designed to cool so much outside air. Beyond that you either raise the temperature or humidity in the space, or both,” Caulfield said. “You can’t just go to every building and open every outside air damper.”

As David Brooks explains, this same complication comes up with air filters. Air filters are calibrated on the MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) scale, with bigger numbers removing smaller-sized particles.  Most buildings have filters that are rated as MERV 8, but as Caulfield points out, “it’s not until you get to about a MERV 13 that you start removing 90% or more of virus-sized particles.”

Unfortunately, a MERV 13 filter generally won’t fit into the designated filter space, and the tighter filter puts an additional burden on motors.  As Brooks points out, the added work could burn out motors and will certainly reduce airflow, allowing viruses to build up – the exact opposite of what you want.

For over 30 years, the professionals at TBS have been working to understand the complicated yet delicate nature of balancing HVAC design and system controls to optimize indoor air quality.  To find out how to improve the air quality in your building, contact our experts.  

To read the entire interview, click:

Turner Welcome's Grace Johnson and Allison Wilber

The Turner Group is happy to welcome our two new interns, Grace Johnson and Allison Wilber.

Grace Johnson, University of Maine 2022, joins the firm as an intern in our Civil Engineering division.  Grace, a native of Bedford, NH, will be working with our seasoned engineers on various projects such as hydropower dams, school athletic fields, and municipal buildings.  Grace is an active member of UMaine Orono’s Engineers without Borders.

Allison Wilber, Roger Williams University 2020, will be our Graphics and Communications intern.  Allison, a native of Bow, NH, is working with our marketing and business development staff to assist in graphic development and messaging.  Allison rode for the RWU Equestrian Team and helped the team win the Zone Championship in 2019. 


Turner's Tom Betteridge Talks Indoor Air Quality for PlanNH

Business owners, building owners, municipalities and others are grappling with how to keep those who enter their indoor spaces safe.  What measures can be implemented to reduce the risk of virus and other particulates of spreading throughout our buildings?  Where do they come from? Is there a best way to capture, eliminate or kill them?

This "Hawk Talk" (a short half-hour discussion) hosted by Plan NH, will look at measures that can be implemented to minimize risk.

Tom Betteridge,  PE, VP of Mechanical Engineering at the H.L. Turner Group, will address the above questions and talk about the role of Indoor Air Quality and Building Systems.  While there is no "silver bullet", there are items and ideas which we should all be considering to reduce our exposure to pathogens and increase our vitality.

This discussion is geared towards architects, engineers, municipal staff and others who are part of the future state of our buildings and lives.

Register here:  


To learn more about our IAQ services, click here.


A Message from Turner Staff Regarding COVID-19

Dear Clients, Business Partners & Colleagues:

In response to the current coronavirus health crisis, The Turner Group is taking every precaution to maintain the safety of our staff and communities by eliminating non-essential travel and in-person meetings.  We are following a rigorous hygiene policy that is aligned with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance and best practices and continue to monitor and adjust as appropriate.

Our firm is also taking advantage of the latest technology to allow our staff to work without interruption and provide project deliverables on schedule as best as reasonably possible.

We appreciate your continued open communication and please forward any concerns or suggestions that you may have in the coming weeks.  All of us at The Turner Group wish you and your loved ones a safe and successful transition toward a quick resolution to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Turner Group Hosts NH Saves Lunch and Learn

The H.L. Turner Group Inc. hosted a lunch and learn for our employees and guests, presented by NH Saves.  Our staff understand that energy efficiency is a vital part of keeping New Hampshire's residents, businesses, and towns economically successful, now and in the future.  Having worked with NH Saves on projects such as the City-Wide Community Center, Concord, NH, our approach is to incorporate their experts early on in the project to ensure our clients receive the resources and rebates necessary to help save time, money, and energy. 

NHTI Students Visit Turner Group HQ

A group of students from New Hampshire Technical Institute (NHTI) made their annual trip to The Turner Group's headquarters in Concord, NH.   Bill Hickey, Senior Vice President at The H.L. Turner Group Inc., leads the tour of the facility, which he helped design.  Mr. Hickey received his degree from NHTI and continues to teach at the college.  

NH Historical Society and The H.L. Turner Group Receive Preservation Award

Concord, NH – On May 10, the N.H. Preservation Alliance announced eleven awards for outstanding historic preservation projects.  The New Hampshire Historical Society received one of these coveted awards for work completed on the building in collaboration with The H.L. Turner Group.

According to N.H. Historical Society President, William Dunlap, “The New Hampshire Historical Society chose H.L. Turner to help us develop and evaluate possible approaches to modernizing the climate control systems in our historic National Register-listed building.  In addition to mechanical systems, the project also involved reconstructing skylight systems covering 40% of our roof area, which were highly inefficient.  Following the preliminary planning process, H.L. Turner designed and engineered the ultimate systems to meet these challenges.

This was a complex project due to the historic nature of the building.  H.L. Turner handled the project with sensitivity, worked extremely well with other vendor team members, and delivered a design that worked flawlessly.”

The N.H. Preservation Alliance awards recognize individuals, organizations, and businesses in the categories of restoration and stewardship, rehabilitation, compatible new construction, public policy, and educational and planning initiatives across the state.

Turner Group Receives Merit Award for Community Center

The Turner Group was recognized with a Merit Award from PlanNH for our work on the Concord City-Wide Community Center, Concord, NH.  This project was built on the site of the former Dame School, parts of which were repurposed for the facility. 

The project was selected by a field of nominations by a jury of professionals in the planning, design, and development industries.  This award honors building projects that embody smart growth principles, social responsibility, and outstanding cooperation or collaboration.   

Turner Group Receives Award for the Merrimack Lodge, NH

The architects and engineers of The H.L. Turner Group Inc. were recognized with a Merit Award for the Merrimack Lodge at White Park in Concord, NH at the 2019 Excellence in Construction Awards, hosted by the Associated Builders and Contractors of NH/VT. We would like to extend a special thank you to the City of Concord New Hampshirefor allowing us to apply our talents to beautify a portion of White Park with the new skate house.

For more information about the lodge, including how to rent the lodge for your next event, visit:

The H.L. Turner Group Adds Project Architect

The H.L. Turner Group Inc., an award-winning architectural and engineering firm headquartered in Concord, NH, announces that Daniel Hall, AIA, has joined their team.  Mr. Hall has over 12 years of experience working with commercial, office, residential, and mixed-use projects.  His past projects have given him the opportunity to be involved in every aspect of the architectural process, from schematic design, development, construction contracts, construction coordination, producing framing layout and sizing, and client communications.

Turner Group President and CEO, Harold Turner, Jr. PE, believes Mr. Hall is an impressive addition to the firm saying, “Dan’s experience and educational background have given him a strong technical skillset, strong work ethic, and keen attention to detail.   Having Dan on our team makes The H.L. Turner Group even stronger as we guide architectural and engineering projects from conception to completion.”


Turner Group President/CEO named Business Leader of the Year

Turner Group President/CEO Harold Turner was named the 2019 Business Leader of the Year by Business NH Magazine.  Turner was awarded the title based on his leadership in NH's engineering industry and his duel passions for sustainable energy projects and school choice.  Harold Turner is the founder, president and CEO of The H.L. Turner Group in Concord, NH, an architectural and engineering firm with more than 30 employees.  

 Turner spent his early years advocating for sustainability energy practices including small-scale hydropower development, net-zero, and 'whole building' concepts and designs.  Throughout his career Harold always prioritized giving back, serving on nonprofit boards including the Business and Industry Association of NH, Associated Builders and Contractors of NH/VT, and the Granite Institute.  He also sits on the board of Granite State Hydropower Association and is an advisory member of the NH Technical Institute, NH Clean Tech Council, and NH Children's Scholarship Fund.  

Plan NH Hosts Event at Turner Group Office

Plan NH, a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering excellence in planning, design, and development of NH's built environment, held an after-hours event at H.L. Turner Group's headquarter in Concord, NH.  The event, which was co-hosted by Milestone Engineering and Construction, Inc., included networking and a presentation by Turner Group's Jon Lavigne.  The presentation discussed the issues of building in New Hampshire floodplains, including the different types of floodproofing methods, example projects, and a discussion on innovative partnerships that have resulted in a resilient built environment.  

Turner Group Completes Hampton Academy Renovation & Addition

H.L. Turner staff attended the Hampton Academy ribbon-cutting and open house for the $25 million dollar renovation and addition project.  As principal designers, our architects and engineers worked with the staff and district, as well as partners from Bonnette, Page & Stone and Owner’s Project Manager Trident Project Management, to complete the project.  Hampton Academy was originally constructed in 1939 and renovations were last done about 45 years ago.  

The project was approved by the school district in 2017 and completed in phases.  Major project components include a new gymnasium, improved HVAC and security, updated science classrooms, and an auditorium that was previously the gymnasium, and community space.

Additional pictures and coverage are provided by "Seacoast Online":

Turner's Jon George Earns PE License

The H.L. Turner Group Inc. would like to congratulate Jonathan George for earning his Professional Engineer license in New Hampshire.  Over the past five years with our firm, Jon has gained valuable experience as a structural engineer through his involvement in a variety of projects ranging from building assessments to hydroelectric design. 

Some of his notable projects include the New Hampshire Army National Guard Readiness Center in Portsmouth, NH; Methuen Construction Headquarters in Plaistow, NH; Pennichuck Water Works Distribution Facility in Merrimack, NH; and work on various school buildings such as Hampton Academy and Auburn Village School.  Jon graduated from the University of New Hampshire in 2014 with a B.S. in Civil Engineering and from New Hampshire’s Technical Institute in 2012 with an A.S. in Architectural Engineering. 

Jon is actively involved in Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC).  He is a graduate of ABC’s Future Leaders in Construction program and teaches a Structural Principles course for their Project Superintendent Certification program.