Gillette_AerialFlammable Materials Storage Project
Andover, Massachusetts 

The Gillette Company located in Andover, Massachusetts is an industry leader in personal hygiene product research, development, and production / manufacturing.  The Gillette facility needed additional storage and mixing / dispensing capabilities for a high hazard H5 classification facilities retrofit.  Designs were developed for an alcohol-based, flammable materials storage.

Designs included accommodations for four (4) indoor, 10' x 30', Class 1, Division 1, hazardous materials / chemical storage steel lockers with direct access to the exterior of the building, and a 2,000 SF Mixing and Dispensing Room attached to an existing exterior wall of the R&D / manufacturing building.  The Mixing and Dispensing Room was designed with liquid collection trenches, rack storage systems, an automatic spill containment door sill system (for the fork lift accessible door to gain access to the main plant), and 3 hour rated access doors.

Coordination with and satisfying the requirements of the local authorities of jurisdiction, as well as with Factory Mutual Insurance Company representatives, were a critical component for the success of the facility's design.