Turner_Group_HeadquartersConcord Atelier Headquarters
Concord, New Hampshire

Constructed in 1998 (pre-LEED), this innovative office complex utilizes some of the most advanced architectural and engineering design techniques and components available to the discriminating owner today.  The open office configuration of the design studio is complimented by small meeting rooms, a formal training center, an executive center, an executive suite, and a centralized administration area.  Ample natural lighting from the strategically placed skylights and light shelves creates a warm, comfortable, and attractive work environment.  Advanced controls combined with a European inspired displacement ventilation system provides the ultimate in enhanced interior environments.

From the durable, low maintenance exterior finishes to the high quality MEP systems, and the use of low emitting interior products and finishes, this facility has been designed and built for outstanding performance.

The site design required a significant amount of coordination with the local Conservation Commission and the NH Wetlands Bureau as the original building location was found to have loose clays unable to adequately support the structure.  Due to this condition, the building was moved closer to the existing wetlands, a process that required setback waivers and conditional use permits.

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