Indoor Air Quality


Poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) can lead to occupant health concerns, increased energy costs from building system failures, and are costly to mitigate or rectify.  Proper IAQ evaluations help building owners learn how to keep their building dry and clean, comfortable, reduce potential contamination sources, properly ventilated and minimize air infiltration, and reduce unplanned air flows. 

There are times when a building environment leads to legal action.  Turner Building Science & Design, LLC (TBS) has been performing forensic investigations for use in litigation since 1993.  TBS has unparalleled experience and knowledge.  We offer you experience gained through hundreds of forensic investigations.  A few of the services we provide include: 

 IAQ Services

  • Indoor Air Chemical Testing
  • Dust Loading (Particulate) Testing
  • Indoor Ventilation Rate Evaluations
  • Exhaust Plume Entrainment Analysis
  • Existing HVAC Equipment Evaluations

Vapor Intrusion Testing

  • Pressure Differential Analysis
  • HVAC Pressurization
  • Suction Field Testing
  • Remediation Design