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Maine_Medical-1Maine Medical Center
Portland, Maine

The existing building at Maine Medical Center was in need of a major renovation, particularly to the window-wall and HVAC systems.  One of the challenges of this project was developing a renovation plan that could be implemented while the building was still occupied.

The new building design incorporated upgrades to the window-wall and HVAC systems, bringing the complex up to current code requirements, and renovating all interior finishes.  The new space plan fosters teamwork between departments and provides for more efficient flow of personnel throughout the center.  The enhanced interior environment incorporates new lighting, carpeting, doors, ceilings, interior partitions, and office furniture that dramatically improves the appearance of the space.

The entrance of the building is clearly defined and there is clear visual notification of departments and personnel.

The building layout is designed to maximize safety for visitors while ensuring the privacy and separate access for employees and official traffic.  Separate employee and public entrances and parking allow employees to come and go as necessary and facilitates securing the building when it is closed to the public.

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